1. Rapid response to consumer requests. At Allied Interstate, we maintain a toll-free Consumer Advocacy Hotline so that consumers can contact us directly to seek help resolving an issue, advise us of any positive or negative experiences, or simply to speak with us. We welcome your questions and will respond to every inquiry in a timely and professional manner. Call us at (800) 811-4214. You may also email us at advocacygroup@allied-interstate.com

2. Resolve issues fairly and with dignity. We believe that consumers should always be treated with dignity. We also believe consumers want to resolve their obligations. When possible, we attempt to structure payments that are fair for consumers and make sense for our clients.

3. Strict adherence to privacy and security. To ensure confidentiality, Allied Interstate does not share any information collected with anyone other than clients, unless required by law.

4. Compliance with consumer debt collection regulations. Allied Interstate’s policy is to fully comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws. If you have questions about our Consumer Pledge, please call us at (800) 811-4214 or click here to email us.